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History of Armenia Chat

Published by: armboy on 18th Mar 2011 | View all blogs by armboy
Dear friends:

Welcome to Armenia Chat.  We wanted to give you all a little history about our site. Our site originally launched over 10 years ago around year 2001. We originally used a chat script that allowed connection between several Armenian chat sites or whoever that wanted to use the script on their site. The network was called "Unified Armenian Chat." The software used the IRC chat network. However, sometime in early 2011 this script stopped working. We looked around for another compatible script, but found that the chat room #Armenia did not even exist anymore on ICQ network anymore.  Therefore, we decided to upgrade our site and launch a more up-to-date Armenian social networking site.

So here we are March 17, 2011 is our official launch date of the new site and we are now open for business.  Let us know what you think. We are open for your comments specially if you experience any problems or have suggestions on improving our Armenian social network.

We also operate the sites Armenia Search and Arm Gate (Gate to Armenia), which offers Armenian news and information about Armenia, pictures from Ararat mountains, Pictures of Armenian ChurchesInforamtion about Armenian Genocide and Armenia Travel Guide .

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