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Social Media Guideline & Online Dating Tips

Below are some general guidelines that everyone should use when participating in social media sites or online dating sites. Since we are an Armenian social media site, these tips are specifically written with Armenian community in mind.

General Social Media Guidlines:

- Try to find social media and dating sites that have quality guidelines and email verification systems.

- Not everyone is who they say they are online. If you are meeting someone new, look at their friends and connections and if you have some friends in common ask them what they know about this person and whether they are real or a fake online persona.

- Do not engage in cyber-sex or dirty talk unless you verify or ask the age of the person you are talking to and make sure you are both over 18.

Online Dating Guidlines:

- If you are looking to date or find the love of your life, try to find an actual matchmaking site. Some dating sites specialize in matchmaking and for a fee they will play matchmaker and match up their members. This is highly recommend for those over 25 who are looking to settle down and get married.

- For those looking for dating and meeting someone in person, ask a lot of questions and ask them about the qualities you are looking for in a partner. Ask them to tell you what they are looking for in a partner as well. If you think you are a match then proceed to next steps.

- If no pictures are provided, be careful. Ask them to provide pictures and don't be ashamed to ask what they look like in detail, including measurements. Do not assume someone is good looking if they say they are in shape.Also, akd if the pictures posted are recent.

- Do not exaggerate your own qualities or looks. Tell the truth. If you exaggerate then you are setting up the other person for disappointment and the relationship will not work out.

- Never give out your phone number and address until you are sure you know the person well enough. If you are a female, always ask the guy to provide his number and you call them from a blocked number.

- If you are an Armenian girl, do not be too easy. Armenians are generally conservative and if you are a female that comes off too easy, then the guy would either not be interested in you or be only after one thing.

- Before you meet someone talk to them over the phone a few times. Ask a lot of questions and try to ask some of the same questions again on a later day to see if they have the same answers. Those who lie sometimes forget what they may have told you the first time. If you suspect someone is lying to you ask more questions before you meet. If you catch them in a lie tell them and ask for an explanation.

- Before your meeting, you may want to ask some others in the dating site or chatrooms if they know the person you are about to meet.

- For you first meeting always offer to meet in a public place like a coffee shop.

- If a person is too good to be true then it probably is not true. For example, if a female offers to meet you after talking for an hour, then assume something is wrong.

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